Our Vision

The teaching staff at SDA Studios is committed to finding and nurturing the beautiful dancer in every student, by providing a comprehensive dance learning experience based upon a solid foundation of technique training and quality performing opportunities. We work hard to provide a safe, wholesome, positive and challenging atmosphere of friendship, guidance and encouragement that enables our students to achieve their highest dance potential, and become the very best dancer they can be. We believe in our students and we believe in ballet!

Our Teaching Philosophy

At SDA, we believe there is a beautiful ballerina in every girl and a handsome cavalier in all boys! Our training is centered around the study of classical ballet with jazz, tap, hip hop, modern, lyrical, and pointe also offered for different age groups. Whether our dancers hope to pursue a professional career someday or just want to dance for fun, we treat them all equal in the classroom. We insist upon a non-competitive atmosphere, encouraging students to help each other learn together and build friendships. We are here to spread our knowledge and love of all dance forms, and provide a place for your children to feel beautiful and protected, so they can express the great joy that dancing inspires in them!