SDA Studios offers many different dance styles for all ages! 
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YCD L4-5 Pre-Pointe L5 & Pointe L5-7 ACE-Competition L5-7 

Ballet: A technique class based primarily on the Vaganova method, with elements of Cecchetti, RAD, Bournanville, and Balanchine techniques taught. Barre work, stretching, center floor and across the floor exercises are part of every class. Correct placement and terminology are emphasized, along with proper class etiquette. Ballet is the most graceful, beautiful and DIFFICULT of all dance styles, if you master this, you can dance anything!

Jazz/Hip Hop: A comprehensive technique and choreography class including isolations, floor stretching and strengthening, center combinations and across the floor exercises. An exciting, fun, upbeat and fast paced class with age appropriate movements and music with clean lyrics and messages. Our most upbeat and all out fun classes to fabulous music! Feel the funk!

Lyrical: A hugely popular, all choreography class that is a fusion of jazz, modern and ballet which uses music lyrics to tell a story or set an emotional mood. May include isolations, floor stretching and strengthening exercises. Dance from your heart for your soul! *NEW* L3&4 Lyrical curriculum is now combined with Modern class!

Contemporary: An interpretive class where dancers explore improvisation through set choreography. A blend of mostly ballet, jazz and modern, plus any other movement style the music suggests that is part choreography and part classroom exercises. Our FUN Friday ‘chill’ class!

Modern: A technique and choreography class that teaches different ways to move through space with a more solid and grounded connection to the floor. Self expression, feelings and emotions specifically related to music and movement are explored. Our favorite class for stress relief! *NEW* L3&4 Modern curriculum is now combined with Lyrical class!

Tap: A technique class that teaches the dancer to become the rhythm and music themselves. Broadway Style Tap involving traditional, large tap movements, and Rhythm Tap, involving small complex rhythmic steps are taught. Looking towards musical theater productions in regular school? Learn to tap NOW!

YCD L4-5: An all choreography class to prepare for scheduled performances. Youth Community Dancers will perform any combination of ballet, jazz, lyrical or modern dances and performance venues include the Ronald McDonald House and area nursing homes, bringing the joy of dance to those that might not otherwise be able to attend a show. YCD dancers will also perform their choreography in our Spring Show. Want more stage and social time with dance friends? This group is for you! Class starts late January for the last part of 2nd trimester and all of 3rd trimester.

Pre-Pointe L5 & Pointe L5-7: Specific exercises to strengthen legs and feet at the barre and/or center floor are given along with Theraband exercises to be done at home weekly for pre-pointe students. ALL students must be evaluated and have director approval to take pre-pointe and maintain consistent attendance in ballet classes to continue to be allowed to dance on pointe. *Thur L7 ballet/pointe class will include classical variations. Fulfill your dancing dreams and feel the power of pointe!

ACE-Competition L5-7: An all choreography class to learn dances to perform at local competitions for judges’ critique and additional performing experience. Ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, lyrical and/or modern styles may be presented at 2 competitions during 3rd trimester. Designed to work in depth on choreography to refine it into a polished presentation. Looking for a challenge and a TON of fun? Come and see what you can do!  REQUIRES DIRECTOR APPROVAL.