15th Annual Creative Dance Recital 2017: Pretty Princesses!

Our littlest students will be able to choose their own brightly colored costume as SDA’s youngest dancers have their own annual Spring Recital to show what they’ve learned. This recital is held at SDA Studios in the BLUE room (we don’t believe in big dark scary stages for this age group, nor do we like 3 hour shows!) and lasts about 40 min.

Each class will perform 2 choreographed dances and a ‘last dance’, have picture time, refreshments and each family gets a VIP front and 2nd row seat for excellent camera action on the same side of the room your child is dancing!

Tentatively: Sat May 20 & Sun May 21, exact times TBA Feb 6, 2017.

Held at: SDA Studios BLUE Studio. There is NO RECITAL FEE, only your dancer’s costume fee of $50-$70 per costume, depending on costume chosen. All L1-2 dancers get to choose their own costume (heavily influenced by mom, maybe)!