Student and Parent Thank You’s

Thank you so much for being one of the best dance teachers I have ever had! You are such a great dancer & you are my role model! I would love to dance Clara because she is a pretty big part AND because I would get to work with you a lot! Love, Nina.

All my teachers, I can not fit how thankful I am to you on this card. I could not have picked a better dance teacher than you. Even when I first started at SDA in level 1 you helped me so much. I would not have been half as good without you. Love, Lydia.

Miss Mary, Thank you so much for an amazing year! I’ve loved every dance I was in & I think this has been one of my overall favorite years of dance. I really appreciate everything you do to keep SDA up & running. Thank you for all of your effort you put in for us. Madelyn.

SDA, the gift you give is truly priceless to the Russell’s. Your talent & class & professionalism never lets us down…& your spunk entertains us! 

Dear Miss Mary, thank you so much for an awesome dance year & thank you for allowing me to participate in the solo show. I had so much fun & really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed spending that time with you. I loved all the fun & challenging variations that you taught us in your ballet/pointe class. I. Looking forward to next years classes! Thank you again, Ava.

Miss Mary, this is a belated thank you for what you have done for our girls. Thank you for sharing your gift of dance & love of music. Julie especially is such a different person since she discovered dance. We appreciate all your hard work & look forward to the years to come. Happy summer! Jennie & Tony.

Ms Mary, thank you SO much for teaching me! You have helped me grow as a dancer this year more than ever. Thank you for all the beautiful ACE dances & my amazing duet! Abby.

Dear SDA teachers, thank you for making all of our dance recitals & Nutcrackers possible. You do a excellent job at teaching our dance teachers how to teach us well. You all did an awesome job creating all of the finale dances & walking. Thanks so much, you’re the best ever! Your friend, Ella.

Dear Miss Mary, thank you so, so, so, so much for everything you have done for me this year! It hasn’t been the easiest year, but it’s definitely been a lot easier with all of your help & support. I’m so thankful & I really don’t know what I would do without you. You’ve helped me improve & grow so much as a dancer & as a person & I’ve had so much fun at dance & Nutcracker. Thank you so much Miss Mary! Love, Rani.

Dear Ms Mary, SDA has been like a second home to me & the staff (you included) has been like a second family. You have taught me so much from pointing my feet to determination. I don’t want to leave SDA at all, I am really going to miss class with you! I’m glad that I get to dance on pointe in my last Nutcracker. You are the best dance teacher ever. I don’t want you to leave. I guess I’m the one who is moving though. I love you. Wynn.

SDA, as usual I was very impressed with Coppelia. ‘Overwhelmed’ might be a better description. For me it is impossible to imagine how you can orchestrate so many things, music, wardrobe, & of course, the dancers. It was the most enjoyable ballet I have ever attended. Pure joy. It is immeasurable, the things you do for these young students. The lessons beyond dance, will last a lifetime. Thank you again, for your hard work & dedication…it shows in every moment. Sincerely, Greg.

Dear Mary, having been around the studio now for a couple of years, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you some things that I really want you to know. You are a fabulous wonderful person with a huge heart & a boatload of passion! Your ability to focus & give your all is what has made the studio so successful. I know you feel you spend all your time at this business you do, however, as I have watched you & these children who benefit from your efforts, I can truly tell you that I believe there may be no better undertaking, & I know how much you have enriched their lives. Beth.

Dear Miss Mary, I can’t let this day pass without letting you know how much I appreciate all you have done for our Halie! She arrived 11 years ago-at your dance studio as a little girl & leaves today as a beautiful young lady & incredible dancer!! You have played such an important role in her life. While it may have started as a dance teacher/student relationship, it has certainly grown into much more. I can not think of anyone I would trust more to be such an important role model in my daughters life!! I’m so very happy we found YOU 11 years ago!! God bless & thank you-Greg.