Pointe: General Info & Class Requirements

Pre-Pointe Exercise Sheet

Sheets due: dates coming for fall 2017!

For pre-pointe & pointe, you MUST take TWO ballet classes per week to be strong enough. This is for the safety of your body. Dancers might be in pre-pointe for up to 6 months or longer (taking 2 ballet classes a week for at least the same amount of time) before getting pointe shoes, but every dancer progresses differently, some move faster than others. Additionally, you must make up a missed ballet class, your attendance in your weekly ballet classes will be taken into account when making a decision to go on pointe, plus: leg strength & musculature, foot/arch shape, placement of pelvis and being able to hold your abdomen in when dancing & age; you must be at least 10, but 11 is much more common.

Learning to dance on pointe is painful & difficult. You must prove you are patient, serious about it & dedicated enough to spend the necessary amount of time working towards it. To be considered for pre-pointe or pointe, you MUST contact us to discuss if you are ready to begin.

  • In order to start pre-pointe class, you must be taking 2 ballet classes for 1 full trimester or 12 weeks, then you may ask to be evaluated for admittance to pre-pointe class.
  • While in pre-pointe class, you must get a Theraband and complete weekly exercises at home and bring your pointe sheet in every 2 weeks. You should print the sheets from the link, fill them out and bring them in on due dates specified by your instructor.
  • Pointe evaluations will only be assessed 2 times per year in late August or early September and again in late January or early February.
  • If you’re evaluated and considered not ready, you will be re-evaluated at the next scheduled time.
  • Ballet class attendance must be 100% to be evaluated: if you miss a class, you MUST make it up.

Questions? Call 779-0135, email sdastudios@aol.com or leave a note at the front desk to be considered for joining pre-pointe, AFTER you have 2 ballet classes a week for 12 weeks!


  • Your teacher says you’re ready for pointe shoes, can you go buy them on your own?  YES! Call either Diana’s or Cincinnati Dancewear and schedule a fitting at your convenience; Diana’s: 792-0970, Cincinnati Dancewear: 533-9237 (open 7 days a week).
  • How long will the fitting take?  Fitting times vary for each individual dancer.  Appointments are typically scheduled for 30 minutes, but could take as much as an hour.  You should allow for 1-1.5 hours; this is not something you can rush through. The process goes quicker if you arrive a little before your scheduled time, have your tights on and are ready to start on time.  Also, your dancer needs to be able to verbalize how the shoes feel once they have them on.  This isn’t something mom is going to be able to describe for them.
  • What do I need to wear?  Ladies MUST wear convertible tights for the fitting AND have toenails trimmed neatly.  If you don’t have your tights, buy a pair; fittings should NOT be done with footies provided by the store. (avoid this and WEAR YOUR OWN BALLET TIGHTS!)
  • What happens at the fitting?  You will need to put on a pair of toe pads that you will buy and pull your tights down over them and start trying on pointe shoes.  The shoes will be VERY STIFF & TIGHT. They must support your entire body weight safely and so must NOT be bought with room to grow into.  They shoe will squeeze your toes through the metatarsal; but if you feel pressure on your big toe (like it’s pushing into the floor) the shoe is too wide and your foot is slipping down in the shoe.  After trying MANY different brands and sizes, you will settle upon a pair!
  • How much is this going to cost?  Parents, be prepared to spend approximately $100 for shoes, toe pads, spacers, elastic & ribbons.  Payment methods accepted at the Dance Bag are: cash, check, VISA/MASTERCARD. At Diana’s: cash, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER only, NO CHECKS.
  • What happens if they don’t have your size shoes?   Sometimes the stock is low, so the store will order a pair (disappointing to not take them home that day for sure!).  However, if you decide not to purchase at the time of the time of the fitting, be prepared to pay a ‘Fitting Fee’ of $25.  Pointe shoe fittings are very time consuming for these businesses and it’s not fair for them to set aside time for an intensive ‘free’ consultation and then you to take your business elsewhere or online to get the shoes quickly.
  • You have your shoes, YIPPEE!  You want to wear them to class tomorrow…can you go home, sew them and practice in them?  VERY IMPORTANT, DO NOT SEW ANYTHING onto shoes, nor make ANY marks on them (initialing them or wearing them around the house, yes even on carpet), or otherwise do anything to the pointe shoes until you show them to your instructor for final approval on the fit. after that is accomplished: