LEVEL PLACEMENT INFO: Our level placement is determined in the following method: for Levels 1-4 we use age first, then ability. For Levels 5-7, placement is by ability first, then age. Our curriculum is designed for a student to be in a level for 2-3 years before advancing; however, students may advance at any time if they are really ready for the next level. *NOTE: these are guidelines only and exceptions may be made for beginner or extremely gifted students.

Level 1: 2.5-4.5 years                  Level 4: 8-10 years

Level 1-2: 3-5.5 years                  Level 5: 10-12 years

Level 2: 4-6 years                        Level 6: 12-14 years

Level 3: 6-8 years                        Level 7: 14 & up

NOTE: all NEW students in Levels 5-7 must take a placement class to determine correct level placement.


L3-5: no class minimums, students aren’t required to take ballet UNLESS you plan on auditioning for Nutcracker or YCD: 1 ballet class per week required to be in Nutcracker or YCD.

Level 6-7: students MUST take 1 ballet class per week to be enrolled in any tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary or modern classes.

POINTE REQUIREMENTSall pointe students must have SDA Director approval to be on pointe.

PLEASE READ pre-pointe & pointe requirements under drop down menu from ‘Dancer Info’ at the top of your screen.

Pre-pointe 5: 2 ballet classes for 12 weeks (one trimester) with director approval after evaluation.

Pointe 5-6: 2 ballet & 1 pointe        Pointe 7: 2 ballet & 2 pointe


YCD L4-5: 1 ballet class plus 1 other: jazz, lyrical/modern or tap AND Friday YCD class (2 additional classes preferred but not mandatory).

ACE-Academy Competition Ensemble: by invitation or by conference with the director. Separate info coming late June 2016.